Friday, April 10, 2009

Episode 35 - Carry On, Hawkeye

Season 2, Episode 35: Carry On, Hawkeye
Original Air Date: 11/24/73
Written by: Bernard Dilbert, Larry Gelbart & Laurence Marks
Directed by: Jackie Cooper

Almost the entire staff of the 4077th is sick with the flu, including Trapper and Henry.

Wounded arrive, so there's only Hawkeye and Frank, but the flu eventually claims Frank, too, leaving Hawkeye all alone. Wounded keep arriving, and in the few moments he has, Hawkeye keeps calling HQ to try and get them to send help, but they are no help.

Hot Lips insists on taking command of the camp, and people like Radar and Father Mulcahy are drafted into assisting with nursing duties, making the sessions in OR a shambles.

HQ then sends a serum to prevent the flu, and Hawkeye and Hot Lips give it to each other (Hawkeye insisting he get his in his back side, embarrassing both Hot Lips and Radar). After getting it, Hawkeye promptly gets the flu. But being the only doctor in camp, he can't let himself be out of the game, so he continues working.

After one more grueling session in OR, Trapper, Henry, and Frank are back to normal, where they can tend to Hawkeye, now sick in bed, with the help of Dr. O'Reilly.

Fun Facts:
There's a portion of the show that was always clipped out in the syndicated version, where Hot Lips comes to The Swamp to get Frank's Bible. She insists she is in command, and Hawkeye agrees.

But then Hot Lips keeps arguing, restating she's in charge, and Hawkeye can't believe she "Won't take 'Yes' for an answer." Its a great little insight to the mind of someone like Hot Lips, who simply can't fathom that someone wouldn't want to be in charge, if given the chance.

Favorite Line: In the scene described above, after Hot Lips asks where Frank's Bible is, Hawkeye points to a shelf, saying its "Underneath the catalog from the Japanese sex shop."

After Hot Lips protests, he adds: "You'll find a page creased in the Inflatable section." Zing!

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Russell said...

I love the flu shot scene with Hawkeye, Margaret, and Radar, but otherwise I hate this episode. It was another one of those Hawkeye-centric episodes that we got all too often. (sigh)

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