Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Community - "Investigative Journalism"

I've recently been catching up with the first season of Community, a show replete with meta jokes about other TV series.

In the first season episode "Investigative Journalism" (air date 1/4/10), Jeff (Joel McHale) is pushed into taking over Greendale College's failing newspaper, and his flippant attitude leads the others in the study group to start calling him Hawkeye.

But the M*A*S*H references only start there--Joel starts wearing Hawaiian shirts, and Abed (Danny Pudi) not only builds a still in Joel's office, but asks to be called Radar. Joel's office is even slightly decorated to look like Col. Potter's office, with a big dark green desk.

To top it off, when the show ends, it freeze frames (something Community to this point had never done), complete with M*A*S*H-style on-screen credits and font!

This is the second time M*A*S*H has been referenced on the series (in a previous episode guest star Patton Oswalt, playing the school nurse, refers to himself as "the Hawkeye" around the place). Not only am I finding Community to very smart and very funny, but these M*A*S*H homages make watching it that much more fun!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

M*A*S*H Mini-Pinball Game - 1981

Check out this odd little toy, a mini-pinball game manufactured by Ja-Ru, who seemed to specialize in "rack toys" such as this one.

Slapping some M*A*S*H pics on a mini-pinball game seems like a stretch, although I guess if you wanted to be generous you could say there was a pinball game in the O Club, so...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hot Lips Action Figure Revealed!

This is the Hot Lips action figure/doll that I talked about before here on the blog, at the time not knowing who produced it or what the doll looked like under its cloth outfit accessory.

But thanks to an eBay auction, I've learned two things: 1)the doll body type was the same model as the Hawkeye one (with one, er, major exception) and 2)the dolls were produced by a company called Durham Toys, whoever they were/are. So while it still doesn't present us the full picture, at least we know more now than we did.

That head doesn't really match the body, making Hot Lips kinda creepy!

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