Tuesday, August 9, 2011

M*A*S*H Trading Cards, Part 2


Donruss M*A*S*H Trading Cards 4-6:
Card #6 is a still from an actual episode. Every time we post one of those, the blog invites commenters to Guess The Episode (an idea ripped entirely off from the M*A*S*H 4077TV.com site!). The person who first correctly names the episode gets bragging rights and is named an official AfterM*A*S*H blog Swamp Rat!


Anonymous said...

That shot is from the season 10 episode "Rumor at the Top." Hawkeye's holding the dog he was pretending to have eaten. Ugh, not funny, Hawk.

rob! said...

Correct! Congrats Gone!

Rob As Well said...

I might be wrong, but is that same dog used 2 additional times in the series? He looks like "Irving" from the episode "Letters", where Lt. Mulcahy helps him quit alcohol.
He also looks like the stray dog that then Cpl. Klinger and Maj. Houlihan feed, which is then killed when it is hit by a jeep. I can't remember that episode title currently. What do you guys think?

rob! said...

Rob--Its probably the same dog from "Letters", since that was the same season as this episode, "Rumor At The Top."

The other episode you're referring to is "Images" from Season Six, four years earlier, so I bet that's a different dog.

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