Thursday, April 16, 2009

Episode 41 - For Want Of A Boot

Season 2, Episode 41: For Want Of A Boot
Original Air Date: 1/12/74
Written by: Sheldon Keller
Directed by: Don Weis

Hawkeye is in desperate need of a new boot, the old one has a giant hole in the bottom of it, and with the brutal winter weather, its unbearable.

Hawkeye and Trapper decide to lean on the Supply Sergeant Zale (Johnny Haymer), who did order the new boots but can't explain why they haven't come in yet. Hawkeye complains, but Zale says he has it worse--he is in need of a bridge.

Hawkeye hits upon the idea that if he can get the camp dentist to fix Zale's tooth, will Zale expedite the boot order? Zale agrees, so Hawkeye go to see Dr. Futterman (Michael Lerner), who says he doesn't have the time for "cosmetic work." Futterman also mentions that he desperately wants to have some R&R in Tokyo.

The doctors then turn to Henry, trying to get Futterman a pass, which will get him to work on Zale, which will get Zale to order the boots...

This series of deals keeps escalating, eventually involving Radar needing a date, Klinger getting his Section 8 papers signed, which Hawkeye and Trapper hope they can get from Frank, after they butter him up with a big fancy birthday party (with presents!).

Everything falls into place, until Frank flatly refuses to sign Klinger's papers, which causes the whole house of cards to collapse. It ends with Hawkeye cursing the fates, screaming about how he debased himself just to get a lousy new boot.

Later, we see Hawkeye still waiting for his boots, using a golf bag as a temporary replacement. Fore!

Fun Facts: This episode features the first appearance of Sgt. Zale, played by actor Johnny Haymer.

This is the last mention of the 4077th having any sort of dentist on staff.

This is a generally silly (though still funny) episode, but the final scene with Hawkeye and Trapper heading off to eat, is sort of melancholy, a nice counterpoint to the rest of the episode.

Favorite Line: Hawkeye and Trapper discuss how they'd be willing to bribe the powers that be to end the war, offering as much as $20.

Trapper: "I'd even be willing to go to $25...but don't tell them that in the beginning."


Rob As Well said...

My favorite line in this episode is delivered by that bombshell, Nurse Murphy. I think this is her only appearance in the series?

Murphy: Listen, for a hairdryer I'd even go out with Radar O'Reilly.

The way she delivers the line is perfect, especially since that's exactly whom Hawkeye and Trapper are setting her up with!

Perhaps it would've been better for Radar to start in the boys section and work his way up to the men's department. ;)

Domino said...

This episode focused on going lengths just to get a pair of boots. I never liked that episode frankly because it's really confusing. It's okay, but not very likable.

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