Monday, April 13, 2009

Episode 38 - Hot Lips and Empty Arms

Season 2, Episode 38: Hot Lips and Empty Arms
Original Air Date: 12/15/73
Written by: Linda Bloodworth & Mary Kay Place
Directed by: Jackie Cooper

Hot Lips gets a letter from an old friend, Tricia Spaulding, telling her that She is getting married--to a man Hot Lips turned down.

Also in mail call, Frank gets a letter from his stockbroker, telling him his stocks--all from arms manufacturers--are going up, and Henry gets a film in the mail from the Tobasco Film Company of Havana, Cuba, which he is very excited about!

Hot Lips seems testy during O.R., and she's testy again with Frank when they're alone. Frank asks her why, and Hot Lips breaks down, saying she's deeply unhappy with the life she has, especially compared to the life she could've had with the doctor she turned down.

Hot Lips storms into Henry's office, into the middle of Henry, Hawkeye, and Trapper watching a girlie movie. She goes through her list of complaints, and demands a transfer. Henry tries to talk her out of it, but she's insistent.

Henry agrees to give her the transfer papers, but says they'll all keep mum until the transfer is complete. But Radar ruins it when he announces her departure over the P.A.

Later that night, as a goodwill gesture, Hawkeye and Trapper bring some booze to Hot Lips' tent, and she tells them she's writing a detailed report all about their behavior.

She then visits Frank in The Swamp, breaking up with him. She drinks some more, and starts to act tipsy. After that, she makes her way to Henry's office, where she drinks some more.

By this point, Hot Lips is hammered, and Henry tries to talk her out of leaving again. Radar then tells Henry that wounded are due soon, and he gives Hawkeye and Trapper the task of sobering her up.

They pour water over her in the showers, pouring coffee down her throat, and in her stupor she lets it be known she has a thing for Trapper!

She sobers up enough to help out in O.R., and she thanks Hawkeye and Trapper for helping her out, and keeping quiet about it. As she works through her hangover, she decides not to leave the 4077th.

Frank gets mad when Trapper acts romantic towards Hot Lips, and Hawkeye mocks Frank for doing so. Henry and Radar see this, and are happy all the children are together again.

Fun Facts: For whatever reason, I always curious as to what kind of girlie movie the doctors were watching. Hot Lips says its "disgusting", but how bad could it have been? This was 1951, after all...

Favorite Line: When Hot Lips storms into Henry's office, she calls Henry "A spineless, mealy-mouthed, fly-fishing imposter." Trapper responds with "He's not an imposter!", and Hawkeye adds, "Right--he's a genuine spineless, mealy-mouthed, fly-fisherman."

Henry begins to laugh, and says appreciatively "Pierce, you're the limit." There's something about McLean Stevenson's delivery that makes me laugh every time--you really feel the warmth Henry felt for Hawkeye and Trapper.


Domino said...

It is the first episode that really focuses on Houlihan. Loretta Swit did a good job in this episode. You really get the feel of who she really is. I was just laughing when she reveals her crush on Trapper. I liked this episode.

Robert Gross said...

Even if the girlie movies would pale by comparison to today, I think the morees of the time were also much more conservative. Margaret would probably just call a movie full of bare breasts "disgusting."

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