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Episode 33 - Dear Dad...Three

Season 2, Episode 33: Dear Dad...Three
Original Air Date: 11/10/73
Written by: Larry Gelbart & Laurence Marks
Directed by: Don Weis

Hawkeye writes another letter home to his Dad. This time, the problem is boredom...without lots of wounded to care for, there's nothing to do at the 4077th. Trapper is so bored he's playing cards with Frank (which quickly breaks down into a screaming match).

A few patients do require extra attention--one is Pvt. Condon (Mills Watson) who, when he sees Nurse Bayliss retrieving a pint of blood, asks Hawkeye to make sure he "Doesn't get any of that darkie stuff."

Another is a wounded solider who arrives in Pre-Op with an unexploded grenade embedded inside him. Surrounded by sandbags, Hawkeye and Henry pry it out.

Hawkeye and Trapper decided to pull a prank on Condon. While he is sedated, they paint him with some sort solution that temporarily paints his skin a few shades darker.

In the meantime, Hawkeye and Trapper watch a home movie of Henry's in his office, and we get our only glimpse of what Henry's life was like back home. We see his wife Lorraine throw a birthday party for his daughter Molly, ending with them holding up signs saying they miss him.

Everyone gets choked up, but the tears are changed to laughter when another piece of film shows up: Henry goofing around with his diminutive neighbor, Milt Jaffee, and romancing Jaffee's curvy wife Sylvia, silent film-style. They enjoy it all so much they decide to watch it all over again.

Later, Condon wakes up, and is upset at what he sees. He asks Lt. Bayliss about it, and she assures him that she won't give away his attempt at "passing." To make matters worse, Klinger comes by, and when asked if Condon seems different, Klinger asks "Are you sure you the right color blood? ...Its happened before."

The surgical staff has a monthly meeting, which quickly dissolves into a shambles once they Hawkeye and Trapper make fun of Frank's middle name, Marion. Frank and Hot Lips have an argument, which just as quickly turns into a moment of passion.

Later, in Post Op, Condon flags down Hawkeye and Trapper, angry about his change of skin color. They act incredulous, asking isn't skin all the same? Then they ask him if he's ever heard of Dr. Charles Drew.

Dr. Drew invented the process for separating blood so it can be stored--plasma. He was later in a car accident, but he bled to death: the hospital wouldn't let him in--it was for White's Only.

Later, during a party in The Swamp, Condon arrives, ready to ship out. He thanks Hawkeye for "Giving him a lot to think about", and takes a moment to salute Lt. Bayliss.

Hawkeye ends his letter on a happy note.

Fun Facts: During O.R., when Radar tells Henry about the patient with the grenade, Henry speaks to someone off screen and says "Collins, you take over here." Who is Collins, exactly? Another doctor we've never seen?

Lorraine Blake is played by Kathleen Hughes, who appeared in the classic It Came From Outer Space. Her memorable screaming scenes ended up turning her into the most famous icon from that movie.

The story about Dr. Drew bleeding to death because of a White's Only hospital is apocryphal--according to one of the people traveling with Drew during the accident, they received proper medical care, but Drew's injuries were just too severe.

Favorite Line: During Henry's home movie, he mentions that his next-door neighbor Milt Jaffee is a gynecologist. Trapper adds: "I hate to ask what's on the other side."


Rob As Well said...

Favorite line in this episode, in tandem with the look Col. Blake gives while delivering the line:

"Boy that Sylvia Jaffee, she is loaded for bear".

I can just picture Henry watering the lawn (as you see in the film) and staring at her in her yard or something back home.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think Collins and other names like Spaluding were doctors never seen

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