Thursday, March 18, 2010

AfterM*A*S*H Episode 19 - Fever Pitch

Season 1, Episode 19: Fever Pitch
Original Air Date: 2/27/84
Written by: Dennis Keonig

Directed by: Burt Metcalfe

There's a heat wave on, and since General General doesn't have air conditioning, everyone is suffering under it. Dr. Boyer in particular is annoyed, since one of his patients need surgery, but since he has a 103 degree temperature its too risky.

Father Mulcahy comes in his robe, planning to use General General's shower since the one at the Rectory is weak, dirty, and overcrowded. Col. Potter suggests Mulcahy move out on his own, but he's terrified of doing so--he's never really lived on his own. Potter gently suggests he can handle it--Mulcahy's been through a war, after all. Mulcahy is dubious.

Dr. Boyer heads into Mike D'Angelo's office (which is quite comfortable, since it has a room air conditioner), to beg for a cooling blanket--a piece of new medical equipment--for his patient. D'Angelo says there's no way he can approve that, since reams of paperwork need to be processed first. Boyer is not satisfied by that, and promises that, "Whatever happens to my patient, will happen to you."

Klinger runs into Dr. Boyer in the bar across the street, and after some initial resistance from Boyer, they hit it off when it becomes clear Klinger is just as anti-authority as Boyer is, and is willing to help Boyer in his mission to go around D'Angelo to get a hold of a cooling blanket.

But what Boyer doesn't realize is, Mike D'Angelo is also trying to get a cooling blanket for the hospital, and turns to Col. Potter for help in getting one. He admits that, deep down, he's afraid of Boyer, which is the main reason he's going to this effort.

Potter pulls some strings with the Chief of Staff from another hospital, and arranges to get a cooling blanket from him. Meanwhile, Klinger makes a deal to get one, and meets his contact at the hospital's loading dock. Turns out, the one Klinger and Boyer get is the one Potter was supposed to get! When Potter learns the cooling blanket is now missing, he's furious.

Later that night, Potter has to tell Mike D'Angelo he couldn't get the cooling blanket. Little do they know, Dr. Boyer's patient is currently having his temperature lowered by the cooling blanket. Boyer sees that its working, and gives Klinger the thumbs up.

Fun Facts: Soon-Lee and Mildred do not appear in this episode.

Favorite Line: Dr. Boyer makes a play for Alma Cox, and he's not one to waste time with subtlety: "Get married, we'll have an affair. If it works out, I'll get married, too."

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What the Parrot Saw said...

The positioning of the series to resemble its parent seems more present than ever in this episode. While enjoyable, it also feels very familiar.

Still, I like Boyer's rather jaded questioning of the interns. It's something I can't imagine any of the 4077th's doctors pulling off. Boyer shows as much disdain towards bureaucracy as Hawkeye at his most outraged- and he does it in his own measured, cynical way.

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