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AfterM*A*S*H Episode 2 - Klinger Vs. Klinger

Season 1, Episode 2: Klinger Vs. Klinger
Original Air Date: 10/3/83
Written by: Ken Levine & David Isaacs

Directed by: Will Mackenzie

A patient named Smith (Norbert Weisser) arrives, claiming to be a veteran, but he has no identification with him. The idealistic Dr. Pfeiffer wants to admit him, but D'Angelo flatly refuses since no one can prove he's a veteran.

Once Col. Potter gets wind of this, he takes responsibility and has the man admitted, much to Pfeiffer's relief and D'Angelo's worry.

Meanwhile, Soon-Lee has a talk with Klinger, trying to convince him that they should bring her mother over from Korea to live with them. Klinger agrees, but we quickly see this was a plot of Soon-Lee's to get her entire family to come to America. Klinger is sympathetic, but he reminds his wife that with their tiny home and modest income, there's just no way they can afford it.

Soon-Lee decides to help out financially by getting a job, something Klinger finds difficult to accept. They argue about it, and Soon-Lee eventually gives in, but Klinger can see she's hurt. He changes his mind completely when she visits the hospital, and a patient, not knowing she's Klinger's wife, makes a crack and calls her a "gook."

Klinger gets enraged and defends his wife, and is aghast that, after all the hardships she's suffered, she is treated that way in America. Soon-Lee gets upset and leaves, but not before she sees her husband stick up for her.

Later, in Post Op, Col. Potter and Dr. Pfeiffer talk to their patient, and he mentions what platoon he was in--a German one. Col. Potter and Pfeiffer realize instantly they've worked on an ex-Nazi!

Before they have a chance to explain, their boss D'Angelo bursts in, wanting to have his picture taken with this wounded war veteran. Potter decides not to say anything, realizing that picture--which makes the front page of the newspaper--will keep them both out of trouble.

Later, Soon-Lee writes a postcard to her mother, promising she and Max will try and bring them to America as soon as possible, mentioning what a kind, sweet, and caring man her husband is.

Fun Facts: Another decent show, with the comedic plot--the hospital accidentally bestows all kind of attention on a Nazi--straight out of M*A*S*H. The episode doesn't quite pay it off as well, but its still a fine, funny idea.

Mrs. Potter does not appear in this episode.

Favorite Line: Klinger's scene with the young bigoted soldier is just great. In the midst of defending his wife, he barks: "You don't know what she's been through, and she has to come here and listen to your crapola!"

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What the Parrot Saw said...

As might be expected, the show begins to cohere in its second episode. The mood is strongly reminiscent of a late (or even mid-) period M*A*SH episode throughout (which would not always be the case) with bureaucracy lampooned and racism/bigotry examined seriously. There's even the old gambit of a character being tasked with some unpleasant paperwork (here: Mulcahy).

The M*A*S*H regulars sail through this (and why not?). Rosalind Chao is already proving a more than decent comedienne and her scenes with Farr are good.

Kilnger's scene with the bigoted patient is solid. In some ways, he is already carrying the show if only that much of the audience could likely relate to a young (-ish?) vet wanting to support his family.

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