Sunday, December 20, 2009

M*A*S*H Trivia Game - 1982

Trivia-based games were all the rage in the early 80s (due mostly to Trivia Pursuit, which was a monster smash), and game manufacturers figured out a way to make trivia games on their own, based on specific properties. So why not a M*A*S*H game?

I remember having the cards, but have zero memory of the rest of the game. I have vague memories of trying to incorporate the M*A*S*H cards into games of TP I played with my parents, but it never quite worked.


Russell said...

Do you remember any of the questions? Were they straight trivia, like: what city is Dr. Frank Burns from? or something more along the lines of Who played Dr. Frank Burns in seasons 1-5?

Bob Andy said...

Since it looks a lot like trivial pursuit, it's safe to say that both of those questions are types to be in it. It would probably depend on the category selected by the dice.

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