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Episode 236 - Hey, Look Me Over

Season 11, Episode 236: Hey, Look Me Over
Original Air Date: 10/25/82
Written by: Alan Alda and Karen Hall

Directed by: Susan Oliver

With the threat of a Chinese invasion, the Army has moved the nurses out of the 4077th, leaving just the men. This quickly turns the place into a shambles--the place is a mess, equipment is lying all over the place, and the doctors are left with people like the hapless Igor to assist them in surgery.

Luckily for them, the Chinese have retreated, and the nurses are brought back, where they are treated like returning heroes. Everyone is happy, except for Margaret, who is furious when she learns that she and the nursing staff are expecting an inspection from the dreaded Col. Buckholtz in just five days.

Margaret rounds up the nurses--taking them away from their welcome home party--and heads into the OR. They are shocked speechless by the shambles left behind by the men, and Margaret barges into Potter's tent and demands to know how this could've happened.

The next day, the doctors have been drafted to help out, but they aren't much help. Hawkeye in particular is focused on trying to romance a nurse, seemingly any nurse that will respond to his come-on line. He's rejected by several of them, but is oblivious when Nurse Kellye hints that his line would work on her.

That night, the welcome home party is kicked off, and all of the nurses go except for Kellye, who glumly volunteers to finish up some last details. She even finishes the one task Hawkeye was assigned--to fix the Autoclave.

Later, in the O Club, Hawkeye tries putting the moves on various nurses, but still gets nowhere. Kellye is there, and she asks Hawkeye to dance, which he accepts. They dance the Lindy, but when it ends and a slow song comes on, Hawkeye awkwardly walks away, asking instead to buy Kellye a drink.

At the bar, they begin to talk, but within a few moments Hawkeye gets distracted by a nearby nurse, completely ignoring Kellye--so much so she wanders out of the O Club without him even noticing.

The next day, Col. Buckholtz (Peggy Feury) arrives, driving Margaret crazy with her stern and exacting manner. As good and sharp as Margaret is, its still not quite good enough for Buckholtz.

Hawkeye makes a joke about Buckholtz's manner, but Kellye snaps at him to be quiet. B.J. makes a similar joke, which Kellye responds to. Hawkeye notices this, and asks what the problem is.

They go out into Klinger's office and have it out--Kellye tells Hawkeye how hurt she is by his inattention, and how that over the years he's never taken notice of her, just because "I'm not 5 foot 9 with long blond hair and a nose you could fit into a bottlecap!"

Hawkeye, stunned, apologizes, but its clear Kellye is very hurt. Margaret--afraid Buckholtz will overhear the tumult--breaks it up, ordering Kellye to go with Buckholtz's aid (Gary Grubs) to inspect the supplies.

In the Mess Tent, Margaret sits with B.J. and Winchester, complaining about Buckholtz. B.J. and Winchester are sympathetic, but point out that what Buckholtz does to Margaret, Margaret does to the nurses, and look how that makes her feel. Margaret objects, but changes her mind when she overhears two nurses complaining about Buckholtz, saying, "She's almost as bad as Houlihan!"

In Post Op, Hawkeye watches as Kellye cares for a dying solider, holding his hand and being with him during his last few moments, putting him at ease. By the time he does, Kellye's eyes are filled with tears.

Later, Hawkeye visits the Nurses Tent, flowers in hand. Kellye assumes that whoever Hawkeye is there for, "she's not here."

Hawkeye says he's there to see her, and he apologizes, saying she was right--he never did really see her, even though they've worked together for so long. She thanks him, but can't ask him in, because--she's on a date with Buckholtz's aid, Lt. Geyer!

Margaret runs into one of her nurses who is working late into the night, correcting things pointed out by Buckholtz. Margaret tells her to forget all that, and take the rest of the night off.

Days later, Margaret finds out she passed the inspection, and has a drink to celebrate. Hawkeye puts on a slow song on the jukebox, then walks over to Kellye. He silently points to her cheek, then to his, and they get up and dance together.

Fun Facts: What an extraordinary opportunity this must have been for actress Kellye Nakahara--its almost unprecedented for a show to take a longtime supporting character and give them such a showcase. And Ms. Nakahara makes the most of it, delivering a great performance.

This is the first episode of the Eleventh, and final, season.

Favorite Line: After Hawkeye awkwardly refuses to dance a slow dance with Kellye, he offers her a drink instead.

She says, "Oh, I don't know, I'm a big drinker--something light." The bartender asks, "Want another Scotch on the Rocks?", to which Kellye tersely responds: "That'll be fine."


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Yeah, we start another season. Boo, it's the last. Yeah, it's an episode I wondered where it belong season wise. I saw this on Fox or Hallmark channel and didn't remember it watching the repeat.
I see this is directed by Susan Oliver. I wonder if that is the same Susan Oliver who played Vina in the Star Trek Pilot with Captain Pike? I know she died young, but don't remember when.
BTW, Rob!, loved the Max Shrek MPSA.

Radar Hat said...

Without a doubt, one of their top episodes - all because of Kellye Nakahara. The scene where she calls out Hawkeye is perfectly done. However, her scene with the dying soldier is even better.

She devotes herself to his final minutes. She tells him whatever he wants to hear, and she makes his last moments as comforting as she can. Very moving. To me, it's one of M*A*S*H's finest moments in it's 11 years.


Dr. Eric said...

This episode has, to me anyway, one of Hawkeye's best lines. When he and Kellye are arguing Margaret bursts in and says "What are you doing? I'm being inspected in there!" Hawk responds "So am I, in here!" He's being a real creep in this episode, but the way he delivers that line always cracks me up.

Butch, that is the same Susan Oliver from Trek. She died in 1990 at the age of 58.

Unknown said...

Thanks Dr Eric! I grew up with such a crush on her, I was very sad when I found out about her death (probably not long after it happened).

Radar Hat said...


It was the least I could do, considering the amount of M*A*S*H information & insight you've given us. As I said before, your site is now my go-to for all things M*A*S*H.

Well done, sir!

My name is Phil, by the way. Figured it was time to get unanonymous.


rob! said...

Sorry about that, Phil--I have no idea why I wrote Ed. Very strange.

So, I say again: special thanks to Radar Hat--aka Phil--for creating the Season 11 button which is now on the sidebar. Thanks Phil!

Anonymous said...

Definitely of the best episodes. They really touched something deep down in this episode.

71dude said...

Kellye was cute as hell when she let her hair down! I thought her tantrum was rather embarrassing, but the scene with the dying soldier (Perry Lang) was wonderfully done.

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