Monday, May 7, 2012

M*A*S*H's Greatest Hits: Col. Potter

Okay M*A*S*H fans, it's Week Ten of our Greatest Hits series, and it's Col. Potter's turn!

Below are what I think represent Col. Potter's ten best episodes from his time on the show. As before, you can click the link to revisit each episode's recap, and then go ahead and vote in the poll in the sidebar!

Col. Potter's Greatest Hits:

"Change of Command" (Season Four)
"Dear Mildred" (Season Four)
"The Interview" (Season Four)
"Hawkeye Get Your Gun" (Season Five)
"Ping Pong" (Season Five)
"Lil" (Season Seven)
"The Price" (Season Seven)
"Old Soldiers" (Season Eight)
"Pressure Points" (Season Ten)
"Strange Bedfellows" (Season Eleven)

Our results so far:
Hawkeye: "Sometimes You Hear The Bullet" (Season One)
Trapper: "Kim" (Season Two)
Henry: "Abyssinia, Henry" (Season Three)
Margaret: "The Nurses" (Season Five)
Frank: "Margaret's Engagement" (Season Five)
Radar: "Fallen Idol" (Season Six)
Klinger: "Period of Adjustment" (Season Eight)

Father Mulcahy: "Mulcahy's War" (Season Five)
B.J.: "Welcome to Korea" (Season Four)


Radar Hat said...

For me, Change Of Command all the way. A great introduction to the character.

rob! said...

I seriously considered putting SSN 6's "The Smell of Music" on the list, because it features (IMO) one of Potter's all-time best storylines and moment. But the rest of the episode is so silly that I ultimately left it off.

Bill said...

"The General Flipped At Dawn" obviously couldn't be included, but man is that Harry Morgan funny in it!

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