Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hawkeye Variant Action Figure by Tri-Star - 1982

I've covered the quixotic line of M*A*S*H action figures made by Tri-Star in 1982, but while trolling on eBay recently I made this discovery--a Hawkeye "variant"!

I knew Tr-Star had made this anonymous corpsman figure (who I've named "Goldman") to accompany some of their playsets and vehicles, but I had no idea they released the figure on its own, naming it Hawkeye for some strange reason. None of these figures were big sellers, I can only imagine this one was destined to be a peg-warmer before it ever got unpacked at local toy stores, it's so generic.

I guess, if you really wanted to use your imagination, you could pretend this figure is Trapper, and re-enact some of the episodes from the first three seasons.

1 comment:

Radar Hat said...

Looking at the close-up picture the way you took it (with part of the packaging showing) - it would work very well as a B.J. Variant. Same hair, same smile, etc.

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