Monday, April 2, 2012

M*A*S*H's Greatest Hits: Radar

Okay M*A*S*H fans, it's Week Six of our Greatest Hits series, and it's Radar's turn!

Below are what I think represent Radar's ten best episodes from his time on the show. As before, you can click the link to revisit each episode's recap, and then go ahead and vote in the poll in the sidebar!

Radar's Greatest Hits:
"Love Story" (Season One)
"The Sniper" (Season Two)
"Springtime" (Season Three)
"Abyssinia, Henry" (Season Three)

"Dear Ma" (Season Four)
"Lt. Radar O'Reilly" (Season Five)
"The Colonel's Horse" (Season Five)
"Fallen Idol" (Season Six)
"The Party" (Season Seven)
"Goodbye Radar" (Season Eight)

Our results so far:
Hawkeye: "Sometimes You Hear The Bullet" (Season One)
Trapper: "Kim" (Season Two)
Henry: "Abyssinia, Henry" (Season Three)
Margaret: "The Nurses" (Season Five)
Frank: "Margaret's Engagement" (Season Five)


Bill said...

This one isn't easy: Radar is so tremendous in his supporting work that it's easy to pick a great episode where he happens to stand out. Like "Abyssinia, Henry," which has the most famous line of the series delivered by him. But does one moment make for a character's signature show, especially when it revolves around the fate of another?

"Love Story" is Radar at his most winsome and funny. And who can forget his cheeky turn in "The Sniper?"

But when I saw this poll, the first show I thought of was "Fallen Idol." It's a great demonstration of Gary Burghoff's ability to showcase Radar's serious side, and also plumbs the interestingly problematic relationship he has with Hawkeye in a way that gets a terrific payoff here. That's my vote, anyway.

Russell said...

My favorite Radar moments are in "Dear Sigmund" where he has to deal with a dead friend, Jerry the ambulance driver.

But I picked "The Colonel's Horse" because he was the driving force behind that action. :-)

rob! said...

That part in "Dear Sigmund" is really, really good...maybe I should have included that on the list. :(

GAH! Who would have guessed this would be so hard?!?

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