Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Episode 54 - Springtime

Season 3, Episode 54: Springtime
Original Air Date: 10/8/74
Written by: Linda Bloodworth & Mary Kay Place

Directed by: Don Weis

Its, for once, a beautiful day in Korea. Spring has sprung, and each of the 4077th has a different way of enjoying the day--Trapper wants to grab some booze, a girl, and a jeep, while Hawkeye just wants to sleep.

Radar takes notice of a new nurse, Lt. Simmons (Mary Kay Place), sunning herself in her bathing suit. Frank and Hot Lips go on a picnic, while Henry plays some golf. Meanwhile, Klinger gets some exciting news--his girlfriend Laverne has agreed to marry him!

Hawkeye befriends a patient of his, Marine Sgt. Lyle Wesson (Alex Karras), who isn't all that bright, but is very sweet and a little too overenthusiastic--he insists on paying Hawkeye back for patching him up, despite Hawkeye saying--repeatedly--that its not necessary. Wesson doesn't listen, and acts as Hawkeye's man-servant, going so far as to kicking people out of their seats in the Mess Tent to Hawkeye and Trapper have a place to sit down.

Radar tries to get to know Lt. Simmons, partly by pretending to read poetry. It works a little too well--Lt. Simmons becomes enflamed by passion, leaping onto Radar and smothering him in kisses!

At the same time, Henry patches through a call to Laverne back in Toledo, and she and Klinger proceed to get married over the phone via Father Mulcahy. Hot Lips and Frank burst in, demanding the wedding be stopped because its against regulations.

When they won't let up, even after Hawkeye tells them to pipe down, Lyle takes it upon himself and picks up Frank, twirling him in the air until he's dizzy! Hawkeye convinces Lyle to put Frank down, but by then the couple have both said "I do."

While everyone is celebrating, Radar walks in, looking dazed, his hair mussed, shirt open, covered in lipstick. He's not sure what happened!

Fun Facts: When Klinger reads the letter from Laverne, he jumps up and runs toward the camp in joy. For a brief moment, you can see that Jamie Farr is wearing sneakers!

This episode is co-written by Lt. Simmons herself, Mary Kay Place.

Favorite Line: Radar asks Hawkeye and Trapper for advice concerning Lt. Simmons. They suggest taking her to the movies, and Radar is impressed: "Wow, that's a great idea!"

Trapper: "Thanks, we invented it."

Hawkeye: "We get a 2-cent royalty every time a guy asks a girl to a movie."


Anonymous said...

A subplot has a shell shocked solider who won't give up holding a kitten-when Hawkeye takes the cat away-the patient nearly breaks Hawkeye neck-until Hawkeye is saved by Sgt Wesson

Dominic said...

One of my favorite quotes was where Klinger was wearing a wedding dress and Houlihan said,"You have the nerve wearing white". Then Klinger snidely says,"jealous".

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