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Episode 87 - The Price of Tomato Juice

Season 4, Episode 87: The Price of Tomato Juice
Original Air Date: 12/16/75
Written by: Larry Gelbart & Gene Reynolds

Directed by: Gene Reynolds

Radar sits down to lunch with a glass of tomato juice, which Col. Potter takes notice of, having not seen it in years. Radar offers him his glass, which Potter gratefully accepts, savoring every drop.

After Potter leaves, Radar gets the idea of procuring tomato juice regularly. He asks Klinger how they can get more, but Klinger says there's no chance--the can of it arrived by mistake, so it would have to be ordered specifically by the Requisition Officer--Frank.

Radar enlists Hawkeye and B.J. in the cause, to see if they can help. They go to Frank, who will order the tomato juice in return for a favor--getting a pair of stockings, for...someone.

They agree, and go to Klinger for the stockings, who says he'll give them up only if he gets a two-day pass for some R&R. They agree, and get Radar to sneak a pass by Col. Potter. Potter notices, and refuses to sign, but Radar lays it on thick, saying Klinger is really stressed and needs some relaxation.

Potter goes along, but needs to check with Gen. Barker, who has asked all commanders to not issue any R&R passes to Seoul for the next few days. He calls Barker and asks if he can send Kllinger. Barker agrees, but asks if Potter wouldn't mind sending Hot Lips to Seoul, as well.

Potter asks Hot Lips, and she's thrilled at the idea of going to cocktail parties on the arm of a General, but she tries to pretend its a selfless act.

With Hot Lips packing to leave, the whole house of cards begins to collapse. Without Hot Lips around, Frank is depressed, and refuses to order the tomato juice.

Radar, in a panic, turns to Hawkeye and B.J. for help, so they try something desperate--sending Hot Lips some flowers and a card proposing marriage from Frank!

They then go the other way, sending a note "from Hot Lips" to Frank (who is getting drunk in the Officers Club) saying she wants to get together. While he's in a good mood, Radar gets him to sign the requisition for the tomato juice.

Frank and Hot Lips get together, and the whole thing falls apart. Meanwhile, a car for General Barker arrives, ready to pick up Major Houlihan. Hawkeye and B.J. offer up a dolled-up Klinger, looking like a 1940s movie starlet, ready for a night on the town.

The next morning, Radar delivers another can of tomato juice, complete with white towel over his arm and served on a tray. Potter refuses it.

Hawkeye, B.J., and Radar are stunned--doesn't he love tomato juice? Potter does, but he forgot he's allergic to it!

Fun Facts: This episode is reminiscent of the Season Two episode "For Want of a Boot", where one favor begets another, and then another, and then another...

Favorite Line: In the showers, Frank is talking, when Hawkeye interrupts him, staring at the top of Frank's head. He says "Wait a minute", grabs his towel, and smacks Frank in the head. Frank says, "Did you get it?"

Hawkeye: "Get what?"


Russell said...

This is another one of my personal favorites. My favorite line is when Margaret practically screams, "BRAD Barker?!" before finding her self-control and rephrasing, "General Bradley Barker?" Haha!

Is this the episode when BJ and Hawkeye corner Frank in the shower and he gets all upset, like they're going to rape or molest him or something? That's a funny scene, too (although writing it out that way doesn't make it sound very funny, haha!)

What the Parrot Saw said...

Klinger's willingly taking Margret's place still strikes me as a little odd- perhaps, he jumped at the chance to hit Seoul and maybe convince some of the brass that he was "a true nutcase-[he] should be out."

Nonetheless, the payoff occurs in the final scene where Klinger reports that he and Barker had "a million laughs;" a mildly surreal (yet not unbelievable) touch.

Donald said...

I love how this episode pays tribute to a past General (Barker) it's a shame we never see Barker but it's always good to hear about an old character.

Robert Gross said...

See also: The Longjohn Flap.

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