Monday, April 23, 2012

M*A*S*H's Greatest Hits: Father Mulcahy, Part 2

Okay M*A*S*H fans, it's time for another run-off election!

Last week I presented a list of what I thought were Father Mulcahy's "Ten Best" episodes, somehow completely forgetting to include Season Five's "Mulcahy's War." When you have 251 episodes to look over, I guess somehow missing one or two is inevitable.

Still, I think "Mulcahy's War" is such a big show for the character that it deserves a chance to be voted on, so we're having another run-off election between it and the winner of the last week's poll, "Dear Sis." So here goes:

Father Mulcahy's Greatest Greatest Hits:
"Mulcahy's War" (Season Five)
"Dear Sis" (Season Seven)

Our results so far:
Hawkeye: "Sometimes You Hear The Bullet" (Season One)
Trapper: "Kim" (Season Two)
Henry: "Abyssinia, Henry" (Season Three)
Margaret: "The Nurses" (Season Five)
Frank: "Margaret's Engagement" (Season Five)
Radar: "Fallen Idol" (Season Six)
Klinger: "Period of Adjustment" (Season Eight)

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