Monday, March 26, 2012

M*A*S*H's Greatest Hits: Frank Burns

Okay M*A*S*H fans, it's Week Five of our Greatest Hits series, and it's Frank Burns's turn!

Below are what I think represent Frank's ten best episodes from his time on the show. As before, you can click the link to revisit each episode's recap, and then go ahead and vote in the poll in the sidebar!

Margaret's Greatest Hits:
"Five O'Clock Charlie" (Season Two)
"Officer of the Day" (Season Three)
"Alcoholics Unanimous" (Season Three)
"There Is Nothing Like A Nurse" (Season Three)
"The Bus" (Season Four)
"Soldier of the Month" (Season Four)
"Der Tag" (Season Four)
"The Novocaine Mutiny" (Season Four)
"Margaret's Engagement" (Season Five)
"Margaret's Marriage" (Season Five)

Our results so far:
Hawkeye: "Sometimes You Hear The Bullet" (Season One)
Trapper: "Kim" (Season Two)
Henry: "Abyssinia, Henry" (Season Three)
Margaret: "The Nurses" (Season Five)

1 comment:

Bill said...

Frank's my favorite character. It's funny how much "Margaret's Engagement" centers on him rather than Houlihan; with its empathic take on what made him tick it's the closest Ferret Face ever got to his own "Nurses".

Watching him tell off Hawkeye for his selfish attitude toward his patients in "Novocaine" is a perverse pleasure for me, and I don't think Frank had as many funny moments as he did in "Soldier Of The Day," what with his will and his rat trap scene.

That said, I picked "The Bus." It's full-on Frank at his oddest, yet he meshes with the other characters in a surprising way. Every now and then I catch myself staring up at the stars in the night sky and catch myself thinking: "I'm standing directly under the brightest one."

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