Monday, August 8, 2011

M*A*S*H Trading Cards, Part 1 - 1982

One piece of M*A*S*H merchandise not yet covered is the 1982 trading card series by Donruss!

Why M*A*S*H would be considered suitable subject for a trading card line, I know not; yet here they are. The cards themselves are a little on the dull side: many of the pictures are staged studio/PR shots, and only the then-current cast of the show was represented: no Trapper, Henry, Frank, or even Radar. Plus there are some downright odd choices for card fronts that we'll get to down the line.

Starting today, we'll be posting three cards per post, so check back every day! Here's cards 1-3:


Russell said...

Card Number 2 is reversed....Klinger's hair looked odd, and then I noticed Col Potter's tent sign. Weird.

rob! said...

I didn't even notice that! That is very odd.

Anonymous said...

Rob -
Do you have these cards in your collection, or did you find them online? The reason that I ask is because I'd like to see what is printed on the back of the cards.


rob! said...


They're from my collection. The back of the cards is a puzzle, a photo of the cast when assembled. I can scan some backs in if you'd like!

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