Thursday, May 21, 2009

Episode 70 - Payday

Season 3, Episode 70: Payday
Original Air Date: 3/4/75
Written by: John Regier & Gary Markowitz

Directed by: Hy Averback

It's Pay Day at the 4077th, and its Hawkeye's turn to dole out the cash.

While waiting in line, Frank accosts Klinger for not being in uniform while receiving his pay, which is an Army regulation. Klinger begs Frank to let him pass, but of course Frank is having none of it, forcing Klinger out of line.

Later, Klinger tries to sneak back and get paid, but Frank catches him again. He demands Hawkeye not dish out Klinger's pay, but Hawkeye cheerfully ignores him.

At the end of the day, Hawkeye reveals their was ten dollars extra left over. Hawkeye doesn't think its any big deal, but Radar is terrified of all the paperwork he's going to have to fill out because of the extra money. Hawkeye tries to convince Radar to just let it go, and makes an off-hand comment that the Army should pay Hawkeye all the money he's lost, being Korea instead of private practice.

A few days later, Radar hands Hawkeye $3,000 in cash. When asked where the money came from, Radar informs him that all he did was fill out some paperwork, and the money was sent! Hawkeye refuses the money, but Radar says he can't send it back.

Hawkeye decides to give the money to Father Mulcahy, so he can use it to feed and shelter the orphans at Sister Teresa's. Mulcahy is thrilled and touched by the generous gift.

Later, Captain Sloan (Eldon Quick) shows up, demanding to know where the missing $3,000 is. While Sloan asks Hawkeye where the money is, Trapper steals Hawkeye's watch to use as collateral in a poker game.

He demands Hawkeye return the money, even though its already been spent on the orphans. They go find Henry to try and settle this, which leads them to the poker game.

Trapper wins the big pot, but when he reveals it was based on the value of Hawkeye's stolen watch, Hawkeye hands all of the money over to Captain Sloan, thereby settling up. Trapper is furious, following Hawkeye out of the room, demanding to know what the heck just happened to his "once in a lifetime shot."

Fun Facts: This is actor Eldon Quick's second appearance on the show as Captain Sloan, having previously appeared in the episode "The Incubator."

Favorite Line: After Hawkeye hands all of Trapper's poker winnings to Sloan, Sloan mentions they are eight dollars over. Hawkeye claims it, as payment for use of his watch, four dollars an hour.

When Trapper protests that he only had the watch for one hour, Hawkeye responds with: "Oh, I'm sorry, I'll get it fixed."


Radar Hat said...

This episode has one of my favorite Hawleye lines. When Sloan comes in and introduces himself as AcFin, Hawkeye responds by saying he's a DocSurg.

Anonymous said...

okay,,hawkeye, who we all know has a habit of smelling his food..the hotdog scene, he smells everything, puts a hot dog together, smells it, and puts it down,never trying it. apparently the finished products allure was not what he expected

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