Thursday, May 14, 2009

Episode 63 - Bombed

Season 3, Episode 63: Bombed
Original Air Date: 1/7/75
Written by: Jim Fritzell & Everett Greenbaum

Directed by: Hy Averback

The 4077th is trying to tend to wounded and carry out normal duties, all the while being under heavy shell fire.

Tensions run high, everyone is scared, and Frank isn't helping by loudly insisting he not perform surgery on an injured North Korean. The bombs start landing so close they even blow in the windows of the O.R.! (They also hit the Officers Latrine, wounding Henry and leaving Frank disgusted he has to the Enlisted's latrine)

Things keep getting worse--a patient comes in booby trapped, and Hawkeye and Trapper have to delicately snip the wires, throwing the live grenade out the window.

Later, Trapper and Hot Lips run to the Supply Shed to get more materials. But a bomb goes off near it, causing some debris to pile up against the door, trapping them inside. Hot Lips totally loses it, sobbing uncontrollably. When Trapper tries to cheer her up, they share a brief moment, which Trapper takes a cue for romance. Hot Lips brushes him off, desperate to escape.

Hours pass, and night falls, and no one can find Trapper and Hot Lips. Meanwhile, inside, the two of them snuggle up close to keep warm. When Hawkeye and Frank break in and find them in that position, Hot Lips tries to assure Frank nothing happened.

Frank doesn't believe it, and he's so rattled that in surgery later his nerves are shot. Hawkeye takes pity on him, telling Frank that while Trapper tried, nothing happened.

Frank, acting like he doesn't know what Hawkeye is talking about, snaps into shape, getting back into performing surgery.

The bombs stop falling, so Radar decides to entertain everyone by reading a letter from home. Just as he gets to what's going on with his Cousin Ernie, the bombs start falling again!

Eventually, though, they stop, and things go back to normal. Hot Lips tries to track down Frank, reminding him of a "promise" he made to her back in her tent, and her refusal to let him forget it. Turns out Frank proposed marriage, something Hawkeye and Trapper find quite amusing.

Fun Facts: Trapper, to me at least, is a little too aggressive about his desire to have sex with Hot Lips. She repeatedly says no, but he keeps asking. I find it just this side of creepy.

Favorite Line: When Hot Lips is rattling off the stuff they need, she adds: "...oh, and Pierce needs rubber gloves."

Trapper mutters, mostly to himself, "Clotheshorse!"

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