Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Episode 25 - Divided We Stand

Season 2, Episode 25: Divided We Stand
Original Air Date: 9/15/73
Written by: Larry Gelbart
Directed by: Jackie Cooper

General Clayton, worried that the pressures of working so close to the front are taking their toll on the staff of the 4077th, sends a psychiatrist, Captain Hildebrand (Anthony Holland), to check up on them and write a report.

Henry is the only one told of Hilebrand's real mission, and he is upset over the idea that the 4077th might be broken up if the report isn't good. And even though he's sworn to secrecy, late at night he tells Hawkeye and Trapper of Hildebrand's true mission. Later, Hildebrand overhears Henry and Radar talking, where Radar informs him that everyone in camp with be on their best behavior.

Things are okay at first, with Hawkeye and Trapper pretending they like Frank (but doing so with a dollop of sarcasm), leaving Henry to laugh nervously.

Eventually, the cracks begin to show, and Captain Hildebrand catches all of the 4077th in their usual antics. He calls a meeting in Henry's office, telling them all that he is going to recommend that the unit be broken up.

His thoughts are interrupted by Radar, who announces that wounded are arriving. The doctors snap into action, bursting out of Henry's office, leaving Captain Hildebrand all alone.

He visits the O.R., and is sickened by what he sees--the blood and gore. Hawkeye, Trapper, and the rest are running like well-oiled machine, and Hildebrand leaves.

Later, General Clayton arrives, and they all find Hildebrand in The Swamp, drinking heavily. Hildebrand admits that while the members of the 4077th are indeed mad, it would madder still to break them up.

Fun Facts: This is the first episode of the second season, and the first to air in its new time slot, right after All in the Family. With that huge potential new audience, Larry Gelbart said he wrote his episode partly as another pilot, (re)introducing the characters and their relationships. This occurs via General Clayton telling Hildebrand who's who at the 4077th.

This episode features the first appearance of Kelly Nakahara as Nurse Kellye, although she will go uncredited for many episodes.

Favorite Line: Hawkeye and Trapper are overdoing the buddy-buddy talk with Frank to impress Captain Hildebrand, and at one point he says that the three of them are going to open a clinic together when they get home.

Frank, caught up in the spirit, agrees, and offers "Yeah--us war buddies would run the place."

Hawkeye: "Frank will park the cars."


Russell said...

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your "summer hiatus"!
I definitely missed reading your synopses, Rob.

rob! said...

Thanks, Russell. I would think by now you'd be sick of me synopsizing(?) anything.

The week long breaks perform a multitude of services--replicating the summer hiatuses, giving me a chance to get ahead on my posts, finding the right spot to post non-episode-related stuff.

Rob As Well said...

My favorite line in this episode is delivered by Col. Blake when he's in the showers with Hawkeye and Trapper. He does this hilarious side to side head movement and looks so proud of himself when he says "Better the devil you know". The line is good but its the head gesture that really brings it home.

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