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Episode 8 - Cowboy

Season 1, Episode 8: Cowboy
Original Air Date: 11/12/72
Written by: Robert Klane
Directed by: Don Weis

One of the wounded is a chopper pilot named Cowboy (Billy Green Bush), who rests up in the 4077th's Post Op.

Cowboy's wounds aren't so bad, but his real problem is that his wife has been writing him letters, telling him that their relationship is in trouble. Cowboy requests to go home from Henry, who refuses. He sympathizes, but can't justify sending someone home just for that.

At the same time, Henry denies Trapper permission to borrow a Jeep to make some time with a nurse. He and Hawkeye wonder if Henry is starting to "go sour on us."

Cowboy doesn't take too well to being told he can't go home, and soon after we see Henry barely escape a couple of accidents--he's shot at while golfing with Hawkeye, a out-of-control jeep goes through his tent, the latrine blows up while he's in it. Eventually the whole camp--even Radar--begins to steer clear of their commander, afraid of being near someone who obviously has a target painted on his back.

Henry, now a nervous wreck, agrees to take some R&R, and Cowboy offers to give him a lift in his chopper. While Henry is showing Frank the ropes in his office, he is almost killed when a small bomb goes off under his chair!

Back at the camp, Hawkeye discovers via a search of his duffel bag that its Cowboy who is the attempted assassin, just in time to learn from Trapper that Cowboy just took off in his chopper with Henry!

Cowboy tips Henry off that he plans to kill him, just as Hawkeye, Trapper, and Radar try to get through to him via the radio.

As Henry fights for his life, they read Cowboy a letter from his life, which has just arrived. She admits to being tempted by other men, but ultimately loves him, and wants to stay together.

Relieved, The Cowboy calms down and flies them back to the 4077th.

Later, in The Swamp, we learn that The Cowboy is going to get a chance to get some R&R. Trapper asks is Henry was scared up in the chopper, all alone with The Cowboy.

He says no, but when he jumps and spills his drink over the sound of a backfiring jeep, Hawkeye and Trapper have a good laugh at Henry's expense.

Fun Facts: The scene with The Cowboy and Henry in the chopper is sort of startling in its lack of comedy--The Cowboy is trying to murder Henry in cold blood, and he almost succeeds!

We learn that The Cowboy is going to get to visit with his wife--a very sympathetic gesture, considering he turned to attempted murder to get what he wanted. And I always though the Army was strict!

Favorite Line: Hawkeye and Trapper sitting with Henry in the Mess Tent, admitting they're worried about their commander: "Henry, don't you realize if anything happens to you, Frank Burns would be running this place?"

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Anonymous said...

the parts where Blake is blown up and shot at-are cut out of syndicated

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