Friday, July 26, 2013

M*A*S*H Ad - "Abyssinia, Henry"

Interesting that Alan Alda and Wayne Rogers are listed as "Supporting Cast", and that someone felt that Kimiko Hiroshige should be included in the publicized cast of the episode.

Such a cheery shot of Henry; M*A*S*H really was preparing a gut-punch with this episode.

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Russell said...

I *never* understood the logic behind TV Guide's cast listings! In general, though, I found that the two or maybe three "leads" are in the main body, and everybody else is "supporting." Weird that "KIM" gets a call-out, though. Maybe it was to balance out the white space with the size of the photo....?

Gut-punch indeed. Terrific television. I *always* wondered how it would have played out if Trapper had stayed; then the death of Henry I think would have been a bigger continuing plot point. As it is, 4th season MASH needed to just move on and delve on BJ and Potter and leave the past behind them. What do you think, Rob?

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