Friday, July 12, 2013

Daytime TV Ad

Interesting daytime programming line-up this CBS affiliate Channel 2 together--a giant block of soaps, with M*A*S*H right in the middle!

I tried pinning down when this ad might have run, by using the one soap I hadn't heard of--Love of Life--assuming it had a shorter run than the rest. But according to IMDB, LOL ran from 1951-1980, just shy of thirty years! Show's what I know.

In any case, I was partly right in my detective work--since LOL ended in 1980, and nobody ran re-runs of soaps, that would peg this ad as somewhere in the very late 1970s, after M*A*S*H went into syndication but while Love of Life was still on the air.

One last thing about Love of Life: from 1966-1967, one of its cast members was Robert Alda--father of Alan, and of course guest-star on M*A*S*H as Dr. Anthony Borelli!

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