Saturday, April 9, 2011

M*A*S*H First Aid Kit - 1984

While trolling on eBay for weird and/or obscure M*A*S*H stuff, I found an ad for what might just be the weirdest, most obscure M*A*S*H tie-in ever!

Apparently in 1984 (a year after the show went off the air!), a manufacturer produced this first aid/highway safety kit, slapping the famous M*A*S*H logo on it. Other than that, there's no connection to the show at all, aside from the quasi-medical angle.

If you read the ad (click the graphic to see a readable version), you can see this was kind of an Amway thing, where you bought a bunch of kits with the idea you would then sell them yourself and turn a profit (a very Winchester Season 6 kind of plan). If you bought 12 kits(!) they sent you a keen M*A*S*H cardboard carrying case, which you can see little Timmy holding in the ad.

I looked up this kit on a page about M*A*S*H collectibles, and its listed as "common", which must be true, because I found one for sale online for only $20.00. I wonder how rare that cardboard carrying case is? I bet a lot.

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