Saturday, May 8, 2010

Philadelphia Inquirer TV Week - 8/18/74

This is the second issue of TV Week sent to me by my pal Rob Tullo. What a difference two years makes!

The previous issue of TV Week worried whether M*A*S*H could survive. Of course, by 1974, the show was a monster hit, and Alan Alda was not only a big star, but on his way to becoming a huge cultural figure, as this article indicates:
(click to see a bigger version)

The article is fairly pro forma, though I love the part where Alda mentions wanting to see Behind the Green Door. As Radar O'Reilly might say, holy smokes!


Richard said...

That bit at the end about "I welcome other people's shop talk" nicely dovetails with his work hosting Scientific American Frontiers, don't you think?

rob! said...

Nice catch, RAB.

Winifred said...

Well he turned out to be a great writer too. I loved his book "Never have your dog stuffed!. Great reading.

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