Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Episode 156 - Out of Gas

Season 7, Episode 156: Out of Gas
Original Air Date: 12/4/78
Written by: Tom Reeder

Directed by: Mel Damski

The 4077th is suffering through another cold snap, and the poker game is being played for winter gear instead of money.

Potter breaks the game up by telling them they can expect a huge load of wounded, soon. A big problem arises when they learn they are out of Sodium Pentathol, which was traded away with the 8063rd by Sgt. Zale for other supplies. They ask Zale if they can get it back, but the Pentathol has been traded so many times its irretrievable.

Without it, surgery slows to a crawl, since it takes so much longer to put wounded to sleep. To make matters worse, some of the nurses have never given ether (the replacement anesthetic) so directly, which causes some of the patients to choke. And on top of that, the fumes from the ether are so strong they knock some people out--it leaves Margaret on the floor.

Father Mulcahy decides he might be able to trade with the Black Market for some Pentathol, and he collects items from everyone in exchange. Mulcahy asks Winchester for a vintage bottle of wine and some gourmet food, which he agrees to--but only if he comes along for the ride to make sure they get the best possible deal.

They meet with the Black Marketeers, who are of course not impressed by Winchester's idea of driving a hard bargain. At gunpoint, they take his wine, his food, even his uniform, leaving Winchester looking ridiculous in his long underwear--and, to make matters worse, not even giving up the Pentathol!

As they drive off, they realize that the thieves are probably getting blasted on the wine and gorging on the food. They sneak back, grabbing the truck, loaded with the Pentathol. They barely get away when the truck won't start and the Black Marketeers start firing at them, but finally Mulcahy gets the engine to turn over and they drive off.

They arrive at the 4077th with the Sodium Pentathol, saving the day. Later, in OR, everyone is content that they're back operating at full speed...except for Winchester, who is still bemoaning the loss of his precious wine.

Fun Facts: There's a great sequence where Hawkeye makes small talk with a patient from a small town named Idaville. After Hawkeye correctly relates detail after detail about the town, the patient asks, "Hey, when were you in Idaville?"

Hawkeye responds, "Never--I grew up in the same small town in Maine."

Favorite Line: Zale lets it slip he worked out a trade to get Margaret some leather boots with spiked heels.

Potter, confused: "Spiked heels? How do you fish with those on?"

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Dominic said...

Charles also lost the polar suit his parents gave him from an earlier episode

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