Sunday, September 6, 2009

Episode 153 - Baby, It's Cold Outside

Season 7, Episode 153: Baby, It's Cold Outside
Original Air Date: 11/13/78
Written by: Gary David Goldberg

Directed by: George Tyne

A cold snap hits the 4077th, one so bad that Col. Potter has Radar snatch some of the tent's stoves so they can be used for the patients in Post Op.

Everyone is miserable, except for Winchester, who is toasty warm after his family sends him a giant fleece parka, which he enjoys lording over everyone else.

Wounded arrive, and many of them are additionally suffering from frostbite. One patient of Hawkeye's is so cold he can't even get the young man to a normal body temperature.

Klinger is stuck outside doing guard duty, and when a land mine goes off nearby, Klinger's hearing is damaged. The doctors are first think its an act, but they soon realize he isn't faking.

In Post Op, Hawkeye's patient takes a turn for the worse--his temperature continues to drop. He tries all sorts of procedures to get his temperature up, but nothing works. It finally gets so bad that they have to immerse him in warm water, just to warm him up as soon as possible.

Everyone has a suggestion, but none of them will work, until Radar suggests a coffin. They all realize that's a great idea, and after putting the young man inside of it, it works--it spikes the young man's temperature high enough that Hawkeye, B.J., and Col. Potter can save him when he goes into cardiac arrest, saving his life and making him more stable.

A few hours later, Klinger's hearing returns, and he's thrilled--except when he learns that he came close to getting shipped home because of his loss of hearing. He tries to fake it this time, but Potter's having none of it.

Fun Facts: Radar is worried about the reaction to his stealing the Swamp's stove--"The last time I did that they hid my glasses in the meat loaf!" Later, we find out the "they" was B.J., who, upon learning Radar has indeed taken their stove, promises, "The next time, I'm hiding his glasses in the latrine!"

I love hearing about events at the 4077 that we've never seen.

Favorite Line: Margaret is aghast at Winchester for wearing his parka amid all the frostbitten wounded: "How can you wear that thing around all these freezing soldiers?"

Winchester, purposely missing her point, looks around and says, "A little bulky, but I think I can manage."


Russell said...

My favorite scene in this episode is when Charles, who has given the matching gloves away to Margaret and then realizes he wants them back, brings her hot soup at the end of the episode. She takes the gloves off to eat and he snatches them up and walks away. It's much funnier than I make it sound; I laugh each time I see it.

Neal said...

It's really the timing of that final scene that makes it work so well. David Ogden Stiers was a master at understated gestures and delivery of lines that makes the scenes so much funnier than they must have been on paper. While Frank was a cartoon, Winchester was more real.

What the Parrot Saw said...

I love Winchester's quick, barely polite 'thaa-nk yah' as he departs- he's just stolen back his gloves, but being a blueblood, he has to remember his manners!

Anonymous said...

Rob! You forgot Hawkeye's response after B.J.'s "latrine" line: "...While he's wearing them!"

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