Monday, April 27, 2009

M*A*S*H at The TV Land Awards

On last night's TV Land Awards show, M*A*S*H received an "Impact" award, recognizing the show's, well, impact on popular culture.

Appearing on stage were, from left to right, William Christopher, Jeff Maxwell, Alan Arbus, Loretta Swit, Mike Farrell, Burt Metcalfe, Alan Alda, Kellye Nakahara, Wayne Rogers, and Larry Gelbart.

Alda, Swit, and Rogers spoke, but I thought it was Larry Gelbart's brief--and to the point--remarks that were the most memorable (that, and Loretta Swit's gams!).

You can view the whole presentation here!


Steve said...

Cool. As long as the guy who played Igor was in attendance, it can be considered a successful M*A*S*H reunion.

A little stumbling there by Martin Sheen on "John Trapper McIntyre". And weird that he introduced everyone "as" their characters - as if they were in character that night.

Who knew Loretta Switt was a vegan? Maybe that's why Alan Alda made out with her.

Any idea what the Wayne Rogers "mustache" joke at the very end referred to?

rob! said...

I believe Rogers was referring to the big deal the show made out of Tom Selleck (and his mustache) earlier in the night.

Nice seeing some of the supporting actors there, and Allan Arbus! Way cool.

Steve said...

Tom Selleck... why did it have to be Tom Selleck? (Raiders reference).

Allan Arbus is 91 years old, I just learned. Glad he's still alive, and looking good for his age.

Russell said...

I can't believe that Harry Morgan is still alive. Of all of them, I figured he would be the first to go. But no, it was McLean and Larry (whom I wish someone had mentioned). Otherwise, it was a nice tribute.

Mo said...

I still can't get that site to work. I would've given anything to have seen this!

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