Saturday, April 11, 2009

Episode 36 - The Incubator

Season 2, Episode 36: The Incubator
Original Air Date: 12/1/73
Written by: Larry Gelbart & Laurence Marks
Directed by: Jackie Cooper

Hawkeye and Trapper are frequently stymied in treating patients by the 4077th's lack of an incubator. They lose valuable time sending samples all the way to Seoul, so they set out to see if they can get one.

Their request brings a visit from Captain Sloan (Eldon Quick), who is from Supply. After offering them a jukebox and pizza oven, he turns down their request for an incubator.

Undeterred, they have Radar track some incubators down, and then head out to see if they can corral one themselves. They first meet a greedy Major, who has three incubators, but refuses to give any of them up, in the fear one might break, and then he'd only have two.

They move onto the Major's CO, Col. Lambert (Logan Ramsey), who says he'll give them an incubator...for a $627.00, cost. What an offer!

They keep moving up the chain of command, ending with Gen. Mitchell, who is in the middle of a press conference. Hawkeye and Trapper sneak into the group of reporters, and ask why field hospitals aren't equipped with incubators.

Mitchell won't answer, which causes a stir among the reporters, who begin to wonder if the Army is involved in germ warfare. The press conference becomes a free-for-all, and the doctors are escorted out by MPs.

Later, back at the 4077th, Henry admonishes Hawkeye and Trapper for violating of articles 13-27 of Army conduct, with a repeat on 26! The doctors fess up, and are unofficially put under arrest.

As they leave, they are delighted to see Radar has something for them--an incubator! How did he do it, they ask?

Turns out Radar traded in Henry's newly-requisitioned barbecue grill to get it, so Radar asks if the incubator can cook Henry's steak rare.

Fun Facts:
During OR, Henry tries to warn the doctors that they might meet a lot of resistance in their search for an incubator, and warns them not to show up "Looking like a couple of freelance abortionists." Wow, that's a hell of a line...

Favorite Line: During the press conference, Gen. Mitchell exclaims: "Now hold on, this is a press conference! The last thing I want to do is answer a lot of questions!"

The more things change...


paulyt said...

If I'm not mistaken didn't Eldon also play the guy from HQ/ICORPS (whatever it was) in "The Late Captain Pierce"

Rob As Well said...

Paulyt, I'm almost positive that's right!

Also in this episode, the greedy Major with 3 incubators is I believe the same actor that would play the Retainment Officer in "Your Retention Please"?..

Jeez, I know these episode titles by heart. :o

rob! said...


I mention the recurring actor when he reappears...not in "YRP" (that was Barry Corbin from Northern Exposure), but in SSN 7's "None Like It Hot" as the guy who wants to buy Hawkeye and B.J.'s bathtub.

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