Tuesday, November 25, 2014

TV Guide - 9/10/83

Another piece of M*A*S*H obscura courtesy Swamp Rat Russell Burbage, here's a 1983 edition of TV Guide featuring an article on the new show, AfterM*A*S*H. Note the somewhat condescending tone in the article, I guess the writer just couldn't help themselves.

Thanks again Russell!


Bill Slocum said...

To be fair, Rob, it wasn't like the writer's condescension was misplaced. Losing Alan Alda was a problem for this show. And a sequel sitcom did seem "preordained."

Also, I suspect the apparent lack of specifics regarding the show when this went to press played into the writer's snarky tone. Never a good sign when the show producers don't want to share a script or screener when promoting their show.

rob! said...

You're probably right, Bill. I guess I feel bad for AfterMASH considering I don't think the show ever got a fair shake. And yeah, not screening anything for critics is like waving a red flag.

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