Thursday, July 11, 2013

1975 Variety Ad

Here's a unique little item, an ad 20th Century Fox ran in the 11/7/75 edition of Variety promoting the Season Four episode "Quo Vadis, Capt. Chandler?"

This seems like an extraordinary expense for the studio to take, just for one episode of a TV series. Fox must have thought M*A*S*H did something really special this time--which, of course, they did.

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Bill S. said...

I like that they gave the writer, Burt Prelutsky, first billing. It was a great episode, and it begins with the script (as it ends with the performance of Alan Fudge as Capt. C., who rightly gets the final billing in this passion play. Wasn't this Prelutsky's only script for the series?

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