Saturday, February 18, 2012

M*A*S*H at The Pop Century Hotel

Swamp Rat Shawn Myers sent me this photo from Walt Disney World's Pop Century Hotel. Here's Shawn's explanation as to what this is:

"On my most recent trip to Walt Disney World I stayed at the Pop Century hotel. One early morning I decided to take a walk around Hourglass Lake where they have a pathway called 'Memory Lane'. Different pop cultural historical events of note are represented by signs along the way. When I saw THIS one I thought of you straightaway and knew I had to send you a picture. I hope that you're able to use this on the blog, and if not, I'm sure you'll just enjoy knowing that the sign is there."

Right on both counts, Shawn, and thanks!

I love that this single episode-record M*A*S*H set will almost assuredly never be broken, and that fact keeps the show in people's consciousness, even three decades after it aired.

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