Thursday, November 19, 2009

M*A*S*H Board Game by Milton Bradley - 1981

Board games based on long-running (or even not-so long-running) TV series were hardly unusual, but I'd still say a M*A*S*H board game ranks up there with one of the more odd choices for Milton Bradley to convert into a game.

The goal of the game is to make it around the board (in little plastic jeeps), picking up patients and bringing them to the chopper pad. The first player to get six patients and a full chopper wins!
Unusual is that there are no pictures of Col. Potter, Winchester, and Father Mulcahy. I guess MB figured you could only have four players playing at any given time, so they could only represent some of the cast. But it seems odd that they aren't mentioned or pictured anywhere, even on the game cards!

Even more strange: check out the picture of Loretta Swit used on the box and the board:
...that's clearly a 1981 (or so)-era shot of Ms. Swit, probably taken for PR purposes, not her as Margaret Houlihan! What the heck?

I wonder why, when MB had access to stills of Alda, Farrell, and Farr as their characters, they couldn't/didn't so the same for Swit. Weird...

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