Monday, October 19, 2009

Episode 190 - Good-Bye, Cruel World

Season 8, Episode 190: Good-Bye, Cruel World
Original Air Date: 2/11/80
Written by: Thad Mumford & Dan Wilcox

Directed by: Charles S. Dubin

One of the wounded is Sgt. Michael Yee, a bona-fide war hero. Hawkeye works on him, and is amazed at the sheer number of wounds Yee has suffered.

Later, in Post Op, Hawkeye gives Yee (Clyde Kusatsu) the good news: he's going home. But instead of being overjoyed, Yee seems stunned, and even a little upset over the news.

After the delivering the news, Hawkeye and Margaret leave Yee alone, and we see Yee pound his fist in frustration.

Potter and Klinger call an impromptu meeting in Klinger's office--he has filled the room with items from home, all of them with an Arabic flavor. Potter puts it up to a vote from the doctors, but Klinger is less than happy when they all break down in guffaws over Klinger's version of good taste.

Later, Nurse Kelleye tells Hawkeye that Sgt. Yee tried to kill himself by slashing his wrists. Hawkeye, Margaret, and Potter check in on him, and the damage is so extensive that he requires surgery to patch it all up.

Meanwhile, Klinger, so mad at being laughed at, decides to pull a scam ending in him being discharged home. He fakes letters from Col. Potter (working hard to perfect Potter's distinctive signature) and Father Mulachy, planning on sending them into I-Corps. B.J. discovers the plot, and tries to talk Klinger out of it. Klinger pretends to go along, but then after B.J. leaves, resumes his plan, by sending the paperwork to HQ.

Sidney Freedman arrives to talk to Sgt. Yee. He looks over Yee's record--he also served in WWII, and while he had a solid record there, its nothing like the list of courageous acts Yee has attempted in Korea.

Sidney talks to Yee, and subtly puts him under hypnosis. Later, Yee awakens, and he's shocked to learn that what he thought has just been a few minutes was actually two hours.

Hawkeye notices Yee, post-hypnosis, is twitching his arm like mad, and wonders if Yee is stable. Sidney insists that he is, telling Hawkeye that Yee is racked with guilt, fighting in a war against an Asian enemy. He planted a hypnotic suggestion in Yee's mind to twitch his hand every time he feels stressed, instead of committing an act of violence against himself.

Sidney also surmises that all those acts of bravery on Yee's part were part of the same behavior. Later, Yee is released from the hospital, where Sidney will keep working with him until he's shipped home.

Meanwhile, Potter apologizes to Klinger for not letting him put up any of his personal items and hurting his feelings. So he tells Klinger he can put up any one piece, and also gives Klinger a three-day pass.

Klinger, now feeling guilty about setting his plan in motion, hot-foots it to I-Corps, where he has to bluff his way out of it with a Colonel. He pretends to be Radar, telling the Colonel that "this Klinger fella" is pulling a scam, and the whole thing should be forgotten.

Once home, Potter reveals he knew about it the whole time, and even gives Klinger some helpful tips about how to better forge his name.

Fun Facts: Sidney Freedman is awesome. 'Nuff said.

Favorite Line: I love Klinger's impersonation of Radar: "Oh, golly whiz yes, your Colonelness!"


Russell said...

There definitely is a trend this year where the "B" plots are better than the "A" plots. Klinger and his smelly cheese is funny as all get out....I seem to recall him saying something about BJ, "HIM I'll miss..." (in reference to not missing Charles, I believe).

The lead story...the less said about it the better. Suffice it to say that Sydney is the best part of the whole thing. Blech.

What the Parrot Saw said...

Syd's 'meatball psychiatry' strains credulity a tad here (planting a hypnotic suggestion? I could be cruel and opine that the explains the season finale- but hey, we'll get there early 2010 at this point ;-)...

Klinger's Bplot is silly, but funny.

Klinger [to Charles on the hanging rugs in the office]: "you rich people have them!"
Charles: "not as walls!"

I agree, rob- Klinger's (bad!) Radar impersonation is so over top, it somehow works. Hey- it convinced the I-Corps fellow.


Mike said...

A couple more great one-liners from this episode:

Hawkeye (on Klinger's office decor): "It's very chic...and Arab-y."

B.J. (on Klinger's plan to live in the States as "Sven"): "It'll never work! You'll have to bleach your entire body!"

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