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Episode 167 - A Night At Rosie's

Season 7, Episode 167: A Night At Rosie's
Original Air Date: 2/26/79
Written by: Ken Levine & David Isaacs

Directed by: Burt Metcalfe

Hawkeye, enraged at the lousy breakfast the Mess Tent was serving, wanders into Rosie's Bar. Rosie (Eileen Saki) insists she's closed, but Hawkeye begs. Rosie relents, but all Hawkeye asks for is a beer and bowl, into which he mixes the beer and a package of Rice Krispies.

Moments later, a solider right off the line named Scully (Joshua Bryant) sits down, demanding a drink and a cigar. Rosie decides she might as well open for business, and Scully tells Hawkeye that he just came off the line, tired of the war.

Soon after, B.J. walks in, looking for Hawkeye. Potter wonders where Hawkeye went and wants him back in camp, but Hawkeye and Scully quickly talk B.J. into having a drink.

Cut to: the three of them, tipsy, loudly singing songs and declaring that Rosie's is its own country ("Rosieland"), and as long as they're here, the war outside doesn't exist.

Eventually, it seems like the whole camp is hanging out at Rosie's--Klinger comes to gamble, Father Mulcahy comes to corral B.J. and Hawkeye, but quickly gives up and has a drink, Margaret comes looking for her nurses but after a couple of compliments finds herself dancing with Scully.

Winchester arrives, demanding Hawkeye return to take over his O.D. duties, and gets Hawkeye so mad he stuffs a gag in Winchester's mouth and ties him to a chair.

Radar also comes by, but gets distracted by an unconscious major, who has been sleeping for days on end and doesn't seem to be assigned to any Army outfit in all of Korea.

Night falls, and Col. Potter finally gets so fed up he follows the rest of his camp to Rosie's. He has a talk with Hawkeye and B.J. outside and is furious with them, reminding them that he deserves more respect than this. He ultimately decides to let the party continue, and Hawkeye thanks him, saying "We'll remember this." Potter grimly replies, "Tomorrow, I doubt you'll remember anything" and walks off.

During the craps game, Father Mulcahy notices that the ringleaders are cheating, leading to a huge fight breaking out. MPs arrive, looking for Scully, who is technically AWOL.

When Margaret learns this, she's less than pleased, and demands he return to his unit. During the chaos of the fight, she helps Scully sneak out. Before he leaves, though, he kisses Margaret and promises to come back and see her again sometime.

The next morning, Rosie's is trashed, and Hawkeye and B.J. are hung over. Just before they leave, they hear the confused wailing of the previously unconscious major. Turns out he was stationed in Honolulu, and he was drinking with some buddies and joked about the war. When he passed out, those friends stuck him on a troop ship, and, two weeks later, here he is in Korea.

Hawkeye and B.J., amazed that anyone would feel the need to get drunk while being in Hawaii, offer to take the major on a tour of the 4077th, to get an idea of what he's been missing.

Fun Facts: Another format-busting episode: like Season Four's "The Bus", there are no scenes at the 4077th.

This is the introduction of Scully, who would come back a couple of times in the next few seasons.

Favorite Line: Hawkeye, B.J, and Smitty are singing loud, drunken songs. After finishing one song, they decide to sing an Andrew Sisters tune, and Hawkeye assigns each of them an identity. Hawkeye wants to be Maxine, and demands B.J. be Laverne. B.J. protests, asking, "Why can't you be Laverne once?"

Hawkeye, with mock outrage: "Because I've had it with making sacrifices!"


Johnny Techman said...

I thought Hawkeye had some Rice Krispies, hence the line: "Snap, Crackle and Burp!"

rob! said...


Oops, you're right! Duly corrected!

Dominic said...

I thought Hawkeye wanted to be Patty and that it was Scully who was to be Maxine. You got Laverne correct though.

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