Monday, August 24, 2009

M*A*S*H Field Hospital Playset

From my pal Brian Heiler (of the great Plaid Stallions blog) comes another catalog listing for an unusual, rarely-seen piece of M*A*S*H merchandise--a Field Hospital Playset!

It says the set comes with three figures, which I assume are those white things by the hospital. Never having seen this piece other than here, I don't know whether those are generic people or sculpted to look like specific members of the 4077th. It also comes with a "Latrine building with removable roof"--oh yay!

Oddly, this Field Hospital Playset is different from the other one that I highlighted a few months ago. I never would have guessed there was one 4077th Field Hospital Playset, let alone two!

Thanks, Brian!

1 comment:

Dr. Eric said...

I had this set growing up!

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