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AfterM*A*S*H Episode 18 - Another Saturday Night

Season 1, Episode 18: Another Saturday Night
Original Air Date: 2/6/84
Written by: David Isaacs & Ken Levine

Directed by: Jamie Farr

Mrs. Potter is going away over night to visit her sister, leaving Col. Potter all alone in the house. At first, he's enjoying being by himself, but that quickly fades and Potter decides to head to a bar that's across the street from General General.

Potter's waitress is Sarah, the former prostitute gone straight (who appeared in episode 5, "Night Shift"). He's thrilled to see Klinger walk in, who has stopped by to get some food for a ravenous Soon-Lee. Potter wants Klinger to stick around, but he's too busy working a second job at a garage.

Mike D'Angelo walks in, and Potter tries to hide, not wanting to run into him. But, nevertheless, D'Angelo spots him, and wants to buy him dinner. Potter protests that he's already had dinner, but D'Angelo says "You can watch me eat!"

Sarah, the ex-prostitute, seems to know D'Angelo, but he nervously denies this. Potter agrees to not ask any questions, despite Sarah's insistence on knowing him as "Mr. Snyder."

After reading a newspaper article that criticizes General General, Potter and D'Angelo have a discussion about how he should be more available to the patients in the ward. D'Angelo agrees, and takes off to head back to work.

Father Mulcahy walks in, and recognizes Sarah. He believes she's a nurse, and wonders why she's waiting tables. A former "john" walks in, offering her money for her usual services. Mulcahy is offended in Sarah's behalf, and demands the man apologize. The man responds by belting Mulcahy in the face.

D'Angelo does what he promised--visits the ward to talk to the patients. He tries his best, but he has no real solutions to the patient's problems, and accidentally harms a patient by trying to make him more comfortable. The man starts to have trouble breathing, but Dr. Boyer catches it in time, pushing D'Angelo out of the ward.

Sarah follows Father Mulcahy to General General to thank him for standing up for her. She tells him the truth--she was a prostitute, but the time they talked in the stuck elevator helped he rethink her life, and that she will always owe him for that. Mulcahy, shocked at first, is pleased to learn he made such a positive difference in Sarah's life.

Just as Potter is about to head home, he runs into Klinger, pushing Soon-Lee around in a wheelchair in a total panic. Soon-Lee says she has a simple stomach ache, but Klinger is sure this means the baby will be born prematurely.

After an examination, it turns out the baby is fine--Soon-Lee has simple Gastritis, caused by her eating large amounts of bizarre food in the middle of the night. After having such a panic attack, Soon-Lee begs Klinger to quit one of his part-time jobs so he can be home more. He agrees to quit his job at the bakery, but Soon-Lee asks him to dump the garage...since she enjoys having a husband who works at a bakery.

Fun Facts: Alma Cox does not appear in this episode.

Favorite Line: Potter argues that D'Angelo needs to spend more time on the floor of the hospital, getting to know the men. D'Angelo gives in and agrees, saying, "Sometimes, it takes your own mistakes to make you a better man."

Col. Potter responds, "If that was the case, you'd be Jesus Christ."


TheMovieManiac said...

You seem to be missing an episode from the collection, By The Book. I've downloaded all of the episodes, but Saturday's Heroes and By The Book are in different languages. If you'd like i can send you By The Book...It has one scene in which a character thinks he is Superman and threatens to fly out the window with Soon-Lee (who is for some reason working as a nurse, probably for the money). Anyway Mulcahy stops him by using a green rock on the back of one of D'Angelo's pictures and he seems to breakdown.

Anyway, if you want it, it's yours.

rob! said...

Wow, I've never even heard of that episode! Its not listed on IMDB or anything!

Yes, I would love to see it, thank you! Send me an email at!

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