Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mail Call: Russell Burbage

I got a mystery package in Mail Call yesterday, sent to me none other than Maxwell Q. Klinger!

Inside a very heavy, well-packed box was two cans of chili, two cans of hot dog sauce, and one jar of relish, all from the Tony Packo's of Toledo, Ohio!

Max even sent a note:
...that sure was nice of Max to send all this stuff along (although, judging by the return address label, I think he had help from my pal and M*A*S*H fan Russell Burbage). After hearing about the legendary Tony Packo's for so long, its cool to have some of the actual food in my house.

Of course, since Darlin' Tracy and I are both vegetarians, we won't actually be eating any of the food, but I still appreciate the gesture, Max!

1 comment:

Russell said...

Sure am glad to hear that the jar arrived unbroken.

I figured I couldn't NOT go through Toledo and try to pick some of this stuff up for you. :-)

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