Tuesday, January 12, 2010

M*A*S*H Video Game by Atari - 1983

Definitely one of the odder pieces of M*A*S*H merchandise (and that's saying something), this Atari game features nothing related to the show--you don't play as any of the characters (the 1983-era graphics wouldn't be able to represent them even if you could), and none of the people on the game box bear any resemblance to the cast.

I somehow missed his game during my Atari-playing years, then I saw it sitting in a musty old box of other games at a comic con last year. For a mere $10, I couldn't pass it up--even if I can't play it!


Radar Hat said...

Now I can finally join in on the Merchandise\Toy section of the board. I played Atari M*A*S*H back in the day. I didn't have it (I didn't even have an Atari), but my buddy did. I definately remember the helicopter flying portion and vaguely remember the OR portion.

It was as cheesy as it looks, but we didn't know it back then. While trying to find a screen grab to post, I came across this site;


You can play an online version of it. It looks identical, but we have a pretty restrictive network here at work (no Java), so I can't mess with it until I get home tonight. Funny how primitive those games were. We really thought they looked real.

Tom said...

I played the game back the. The frist part had you picking up soldiers to drop off at the MASH. The second part was like playing the board game Operation. You try to pull the piece out of the person without hitting the sides.

Steve Spatucci said...

I actually have the game on my Atari emulator, and I started grabbing video of it for you last night - but I inadvertently grabbed background audio... and hey, why didn't I check YouTube first - here it is:


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